LiveWork Lingwood Coming in 2019

Brineflow have been granted planning permission for LiveWorkLingwood, a new development concept that combines modern architect-designed homes with integrated purpose built configurable workspaces to meet the needs of those running growing businesses from home.

Commencing in Autumn 2019, the development will support about thirty local businesses and providing space for about 100 people to work close to village amenities and facilities.

If you work from home but your business has outgrown the spare room or garage, then this could be for you.  LiveWorkLingwood is a rare opportunity that allows people to sustainably live and work at home with hours to suit without the stress of commuting.

The LiveWorkLingwood Proposal comprises two distinctive elements:

  • Seven live/work units consisting of a family home with attached office or workshop, flexibly configurable according to need. Each unit an initial 72m2 or 96m2 commercial office/workshop, expandable to 108m2 or 144m2 as needs demand.
  • Stand-alone Office space that can be flexibly configurable internally to contain upto 27 self-contained office suites for rent of varying sizes suitable for start-up and small businesses of between 2 and 6 employees each plus a café, circulation space & meeting rooms, parking and landscaping.

Architects have created an inspirational and uplifting proposal of the highest standard of design and sustainability using the best materials for a proposal that will provide seven separate live-work units & about 25 self-contained office suites in a landmark building to the North East of Lingwood along Lodge Road.


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The Brochure

20150501LingwoodBrochure_nobleed 20150501LingwoodBrochure_nobleed2 Download the pdf 20150501LingwoodBrochure_nobleed