Our Services

Our Services

Brineflow Properties and Handling business comprises the manufacture of concentrated sodium and potassium brine solutions for the offshore drilling industry in the North Sea, the storage and handling of liquid nitrogen fertilisers imported by ship and the manufacture of other fluids examples of which include foliar micronutrient fertilisers.

Brine Production

Our Offshore Brine Production Facility in Great Yarmouth is available on a 24/7 basis to pump concentrated brines and drilling chemicals to offshore vessels at any state of the tide. We hold strategic stocks of brines and can respond immediately to sudden surges in demand if drilling circumstances demand.

Tank & Fluid Logistics

We operate two tank-farm and liquid lagoon storage facilities

  • at Great Yarmouth
  • at Seething, near Norwich

currently used for the storage and handling of liquid fertilisers under contract to a major fertiliser shipper and merchant.

Learn more about our Fluid Handling & Logisitics

Waste Farm Plastic Recycling

We offer a farm-waste plastic recycling service at Seething, near Norwich.  Learn more about our recycling services