LiveWorkLingwood – B1 Office Space to Rent

Commencing construction in 2017, Brineflow will be making available for rent stand-alone Office incubator space at Lodge Road, Lingwood, that can be flexibly configurable internally to contain upto 27 self-contained office suites for rent of varying sizes suitable for start-up and small businesses of between 2 and 6 employees each plus a café, circulation space & meeting rooms, parking and landscaping.

The office block is distinctly different from the neighbouring Live/Work elements yet retains the same design language, albeit on a larger commercial scale and meets the requirements for office users, as opposed to those needing space for low-impact light-industry.

The result is a single landmark office building is proposed with two limbs arranged over two floors around a central core.

Multi-User Offices Images

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0020

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0018

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0024

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0023

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0017

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0016

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0015