LiveWorkLingwood – Live/Work Units

Seven live-work units are proposed in this development with construction phased according to demand.

All share a common dwelling area consisting of 144m2 based on two storeys over a two 72m2 floor plates plus circulation/staircase space in three variant types with integrated attached commercial space based on multiples of 36m2 floor plates amounting to 72m2 initially but with some units optionally expandable to 108m2, 144m2

In each case circulation space for stairs will be shared by the commercial and residential elements and also contain space for switchgear, heating and bike/lawnmower storage.  This means that there is much more living space available than in comparable homes.

Permeable paving in front of each unit will provide for residential, employee & delivery/collection parking.

Each unit has been carefully positioned and orientated to provide distant views from the first floor living space whilst maintaining privacy and where possible, south-facing private gardens have been configured that avoid overlooking from neighbours.

Commercial utilities including three phase electricity and super-fast broadband are an integral part of the package.

Residential Element Features

The residential element of each live-work unit feature

  • Vaulted ceilings and open-plan first floor living
  • Use of glass for natural light & ventilation but with panels for privacy
  • Solar water heating on south-facing elevations to meet policy requirements
  • Wood burning stove
  • Overhang limits solar gain as brise soleil
  • Catslide roof to maximise internal space without excessive massing

The modular nature of the building also lends itself to a number of internal layout iterations. The “live” element can be a 3/4 bedroom house encompassing the whole “live” wing [Dwelling Option B] or it can be offices at ground floor with a 2 bedroom studio above [Dwelling Option A].

Commercial Element Features

Whilst not being self-build, self-configuration & flexibility has been a focus of the design process as without flexibility the lifespan of any modern building is curtailed from day one.  If a building is not flexible then it will not be appropriate or sustainable for current or future business uses – let alone the people who live there. The building has to be able to grow and adapt with both the people living there and the business that is based there.

The structure is constructed using commercial techniques with steel-frames and precast flooring to allow for commercial requirements like clear-span and raised flooring yet still enables the space to be used for lifting and low volume engineering work, such as car renovation or boat building.

Each work element comprises a number of 48m2 or [unit 3] 36m2 elementThe Commercial Element Configuration based on a 8x6m or 6x6m grid.  Each can be configured in a mix-and-match manner

It is anticipated that potential purchasers would select a number of ‘Cat B’ options for their basic ‘Cat A’ commercial shell from a menu of possibilities rather as options can be chosen when purchasing a car.  Conceptually, the purchaser would indicate which options they would choose for each 36m2 commercial module:

  • A standard opening with either roller-shutter doors needed for double-height workshop use or glazed windows in the office use
  • The ‘workshop’ variant could be configured as mezzanine floors or double-height for racking
  • Or a mix-and-match approach within each 36m2 By this method, each unit could be configured in a standard manner for office space, workshop space, stores and flexible storage space.

In most of the units, it will be possible to grow space by bolting-on one additional 36 or 48m2 linear modules.

The use of standardised modular 48m2 or 36m2 workspace building blocks keeps design & construction costs down and enforces a consistent design-style within the development.  Most units would be expandable to 144m2 at low-cost within the confines of an approved development schedule according to strict design principles.

If the business needs increased beyond that, accommodation would available in the B1 office space associated with the development or otherwise relocate to free-up the opportunity for new businesses.


If you’d like to know more, please contact us 01493 809820 during office hours or 07500 662255 at other times.