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New £4m Liquid Fertiliser Terminal

A £4m investment in new shoreside liquid fertiliser tanks in Great Yarmouth represents a significant infrastructure investment that will benefit farmers and growers throughout the Eastern Region

Liquid Fertiliser Tanks Under Construction – Nov 2018

Our investment will help growers become more competitive and better able to address global markets.

The first phase to deliver two 6,000 tonne bunded storage tanks linked by pipeline direct to the quayside has now been completed within just three months. Subsequent phases comprising further raw material and finished product vessels with associated processing plant and distribution equipment scaled for peak-seasonal demand will follow over the next six months in time for June 2019.

Brineflow Sales Director Ian Ferris says “The use of conveniently pumpable Nitrasol’- brand Liquid fertilisers is the most environmentally-benign and efficient way for farmers to drive crop productivity in the field. Backed by our network of global supply partners and partnerships with key distribution partners, this new facility brings additional choice and flexibility to the fast-growing market for liquid nitrogen fertilisers. 

Ferris adds, “Local contractors have built a modern and lasting facility that will our triple production capacity whilst being constructed to the most stringent construction and environmental standards.”

Liquid Fertiliser Tanks Under Construction – Dec 2018