A career with Brineflow means joining the rapidly expanding leader in the fertiliser industry, situated in the most dynamic sector of the British market. 

Grow your Career with Brineflow

Brineflow is Britain’s fastest growing fertiliser business in the fastest growing part of the market.  We help more farmers make the switch to liquids to exploit the agronomic, operational and environmental benefits that come with easier storage, handling and precise application on the farm.

We ensure our Nitrasol products help farmers produce food more efficiently and sustainably nationwide and form the foundations of a food chain that feeds our nation and sustains families in every street.

Our family shareholders and staff have decades of experience in trading fertilisers and feedstuffs. We are strategically aligned with HELM, one of the world’s largest suppliers of fertilisers.  What’s more, we have an enviable track record of industry innovation since the 1960s.

The Opportunity

We are headquartered in Great Yarmouth with a significant operational base in Sunderland, where we have built one of Europe’s largest dedicated liquid fertiliser import terminals, which is an important piece of national infrastructure at the start of the entire food chain.

We operate from the most modern and environmentally-compliant terminals in our industry.   Our efficient terminals boast about half the logistical steps of competitors and the environment benefits from about a fifth lower emissions significantly reducing the footprint of one of the most impactful inputs to food production.

Always Investing

Our business is fast growing.  We invest in the facilities, people & relationships that keep us ahead of the competition.  We invest in unrivalled customer service by empowering every staff member to take the decisions that aim to quickly solve problems and find solutions every day.

Always Innovating

The fertiliser industry does not stand still.  During Covid, the Ukrainian War and the energy price spikes we pivoted our business to respond to different market signals.  Farming and environmental rules are also changing.   Our team responded to develop a global outlook that brings the best products and ideas in plant nutrition to the British market to help our customers move with the times.

Always Talking

It’s good to talk and we take the time to speak to and learn from each of our customers in so many different ways, in different places and at different times so we develop a complete understanding of customer requirements and operational excellence. If you would like to join us and take your career to the next level with a well-invested and respected company with a modern outlook and family values, we’d like to hear from you.

Always Thinking

Our business is family owned, entrepreneurial and responsive to market signals.  Rapid decision making and wide delegations help everyone in our teams to think about how to make improvements and then be accountable for delivering them