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Explore our comprehensive selection of Nitrasol clear liquid fertilisers, designed to cater to a diverse array of crops. Enhance your agricultural yields with our specialised solutions tailored for optimal crop nutrition.


Brineflow is the leading manufacturer of Nitrasol liquid fertiliser. Leveraging our strategic relationships with some of the world’s largest producers & shippers of fertiliser, we distribute throughout the UK from the most modern and compliant terminals in the industry. We have the capacity and capability to deliver when you need us the most.

We are strategically aligned with HELM AG, one of the world’s largest traders in fertilisers.  Our fertilisers are globally sourced from some of the world’s lowest cost production areas shipped to our deep-sea terminal in Sunderland able to receive individual consignments up to 35,000 tonnes. 

The whole Nitrasol system has about a fifth fewer emissions and about half the production steps of other nitrogen fertilisers used in the UK. We are leading British farmers on their path to NetZero. The first time our comprehensive range of liquid fertilisers meet the atmosphere is when they emerge from the nozzle.

Whether you are new to liquid fertilisers or not, our team of professionals exist to simply supply to your existing tanks or ease your conversion to liquid fertilisers with a comprehensive conversion package. We support your farm to become more efficient and sustainable whilst guiding your path towards NetZero. Visit our dedicated Nitrasol microsite to learn more.

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The Brineflow business can trace its origins back over 200 years to 1815.  Growing from a Norfolk-based trader of grains & animal feedstuffs, our family shareholders expanded the business in the 1960s to focus on fertilisers.  

For over fifty years since, our key staff members have developed global trading supply chains and devised innovative crop nutrition products that help British farmers and growers to farm more productively and sustainably.

We are strategically aligned with HELM AG, one of the world’s largest suppliers of fertilisers from some of the world’s lowest-cost fertiliser production assets.