Brineflow’s business comprises

  • the manufacture and distribution to farmers and growers throughout Eastern England of NitraSol liquid fertilisers and other fluids examples of which include foliar micronutrient fertilisers.
  • the manufacture of concentrated sodium and potassium brine solutions for offshore gas exploration, onshore shale drilling and ground stabilisation during foundation construction.
  • The company also holds development and investment properties in Great Yarmouth and closer to Norwich including LiveWorkLingwood, an innovative development proposal granted planning permission in September 2016.

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers

Visit our dedicated liquid fertiliser website nitrasol.co.uk for more information about our full range of liquid fertilisers with or without
sulphur that precisely meet crop needs.

Offshore Supply Bases

We’re currently inviting expressions of interest from companies involved in offshore wind energy maintenance & operations for redevelopment opportunities of our private quaysides in Great Yarmouth at two sites:

Bunns Lane


A new 1.3ha Windfarm & Energy Related Industrial Location with 127m Private Quayside in the heart of Great Yarmouth.
Learn more by following this link:  Bunns Lane

Bryants Wharf

Scene 02

A new 0.3ha Windfarm & Energy Related Industrial Location with 83m Private Quayside in the heart of Great Yarmouth.
Learn more by following this link:  Bryants Wharf

 Live/Work Lingwood

2015_04_28_ LingwoodPresentation0016

Brineflow have been granted planning permission for LiveWorkLingwood, a new development concept close to Norwich that combines modern architect-designed homes with integrated purpose built configurable workspaces to meet the needs of those running growing businesses from home.

If you work from home but your business has outgrown the spare room or garage, then this could be for you.  LiveWorkLingwood is a rare opportunity that allows people to sustainably live and work at home with hours to suit without the stress of commuting.

Learn more by following this link:  LiveWorkLingwood