Global Sourcing


Environmentally Compliant

Comprehensive Product Range

capability to deliver

low environment impact

National Coverage

Optimally located to provide comprehensive national coverage from Scotland to the South Coast from two East Coast ports close to international strategic supply lines.

Modern Terminals

Built to the latest environmental standards, over thirty-five thousand tonnes of fully bunded and enclosed tank storage are linked to the quayside for fast ship replenishment.

Fast Distribution

Substantial stockholdings and high production throughout are backed by a responsive and resilient delivery network with the capacity to deliver in peak season.

Lowest Impact

The whole Nitrasol system has about a fifth fewer emissions, half the logistical steps and zero waste from factory to field. The first time our liquid fertilisers meet the atmosphere is when they leave the nozzle.

Brineflow is the leading manufacturer of Nitrasol liquid fertiliser, distributing throughout the UK from the most modern and compliant terminals in the industry.  We have the capacity and capability to deliver when you need us the most.

The whole Nitrasol system has about a fifth fewer emissions and about half the production steps of other nitrogen fertilisers used in the UK.  We are leading British farmers on their path to NetZero. The first time our comprehensive range of liquid fertilisers meet the atmosphere is when they emerge from the nozzle.

Whether you are new to liquid fertilisers or not, our team of professionals exist to simply supply to your existing tanks or ease your conversion to liquid fertilisers with a comprehensive conversion package. We support your farm to become more efficient and sustainable whilst guiding your path towards NetZero.

Visit our dedicated Nitrasol microsite to learn more.

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About Us

National coverage, Local knowledge.

Tracing our history back to 1816, our family members apply generations of experience with a comprehensive understanding of market requirements to bring you the complete range of liquid fertilisers for the widest
variety of crops.

Our team is customer-focused, with decades of fertiliser experience providing national coverage from two convenient East Coast locations close to international trade routes.

We have nurtured relationships with strategic suppliers located in some of the world’s lowest cost production areas. Their ships make direct connections with our modern terminals with the storage capacity to meet your peak seasonal demand.